November 23, 2012 / 9 ♥

Black Friday Shopping - Today’s outfit and accessories
(H&M hat, denim shirt and coat, F21 sweater, Urban Outfitter shorts, Asos boots, DSW bag)
I kept my accessories simple today with the casio watch I wear everywhere and this silver ring. I think red nails go really well with silver jewelry. I normally don’t wear a lot of jewelry, although I do love the look of it! It’s hard to find rings and bracelets that stays on my hand and finger.

I’m always excited when Black Fridays comes! This year was different, I didn’t shop as much in person. After receiving tons emails on great sales, I ended buying a lot online! I landed on a lot of great deals on shoes, clothing and makeup! I think I got better deals then last year when I was shopping on my feet, haha. Looking forward to the new loves I’m going to receive♥

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